IntimacyFest -

What does intimacy mean to you?

by Dave

June 8-11, 2017 on the most lush, beautiful land in Southern California a group of people will gather to make a statement about how important human connection is.

Will you join us?


What is IntimacyFest?

IntimacyFest is a four day experience to reveal all the ways you hold yourself back from loving fully.

It’s a chance to fall in love, but not in the ways that we normally talk about falling in love.

It’s a chance to fall in love with yourself.
It’s a chance to fall in love with life.
With friends, with strangers, with lovers.
With your body, with your breath.
With the earth, with nature.
With the beauty of this moment.

It’s an invitation for you to to return to your innocence, the place inside you that’s already in love with everything.

Love we’re speaking about is not here to offer you security, safety, or a place to stand.
Love we’re speaking about is here to reveal your wholeness, your beauty, your innocence, and your vulnerable open heart.

What if you could practice that over, and over, and over again over the course of a long weekend?

Love wants you to get naked. To get gooey. To get sticky. To get messy. To be willing to fall apart. To die and to be reborn again, over and over and over. When the known crumbles away, all that remains is your burning heart. There is nothing more alive and sacred than that.

~ Matt Licata

Food, Sleeping and Location

  • All meals cooked and prepared by our favorite Chef, Andrew Velasco. There will be six meals, all are included in the price. Food will be vegetarian and you are welcome to bring meat or any supplements, but make sure to bring your own cooler, fridge space is only for the prepared food.
  • The event is located in Aguanga, CA, 90 minutes north of San Diego and 90 minutes east of Los Angeles on a beautiful, lush, private ranch, overlooking the desert. We fell in love with it when we saw it and we think you will too. That picture above is from the land. What? I know. For more pics, join us at the Facebook event.
    • The land has a rock pool (with water slide)
    • Fire pits
    • A labyrinth
    • Lots of green grass
    • Funky Burning Man style structures
    • Bunk houses for sleeping
  • The bunk houses can sleep 25 people in total and are summer camp style (small bunk beds). There is plenty of space for tents, so you may choose between the bunk houses or the tent. Those sleeping in the bunk houses will need to bring their own pillow, sheets and blankets. First choice for sleeping locations will be given to those who sign up first.
  • RV parking is available, there are 5 dedicated spots. If you would like one, just let us know.

What You Can Expect

  • Deep connection to yourself, other people, and nature.
  • Three full days of facilitated practices, games and workshops.
  • Personal time to recharge and enjoy the beautiful land.
  • Dropping your armors, walls, and masks to be and share authentically with others.
  • To gain tools for deep connection and intimacy in all your relationships.
  • To lean into your edges in the area of self-expression, honesty, sensuality, and sexuality.
  • Courage in making big life choices.
  • An awesome cuddle party
  • Impromptu Talent Show
  • Play and create like a child, unabashedly and with your whole heart.
  • Falling in love with your body and trusting its wisdom.
  • A community of dear friends, lovers, and partners who support who you want to be.

Pictures from the land…

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About Dave Booda & Paula Padmakshi


Your hosts Dave Booda & Paula Padmakshi have been coaching, facilitating and running events together since the day they met at Burning Man, almost four years ago. Their mission is to reveal everything they’ve learned from opening their hearts, minds and bodies, and turning on the full range of turn-on, aliveness, and passion.

Our guest teacher: Reid Mihalko


Reid his a nationally known sex and relationship role model, he has led thousands of workshops, his work has been covered by almost every media outlet and his charisma and easy to understand style of teaching has touched tens of thousands of people.

Here’s what Dave says about Reid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I be attending with a partner?

Not necessarily. We anticipate an even split between couples and singles. While attending IntimacyFest with your partner(s) would be brilliant, it is by no means necessary. There will be many people there who are flying brilliantly solo, in fact attending alone often gives you the chance to meet and connect with more people.

2. Will there be nudity?

You’re welcome to enjoy nudity around the pool and the grassy area. There may be optional nudity in some of the exercises, never enforced. The land is very private and we will have it all to ourselves.

3. Will there be sex?

We encourage as much sexual expression as you’d like in your tent or in the designated sex area (2 teepees). The exercises and workshops will not involve sex acts.

Got another question? Send us an email.

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